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A Differentiated Advantage

Stand out in your local market and with your account holders

MOX™ Pay: Business Mobile Wallet

Enhance your product suite and solve small business needs

SmartwebApps™: Extend Mobile Banking

A superior, app-like experience on the desktop


Provide relevant financial information, at a glance

Innovation at the Speed of Mobile

Keep pace at the speed of mobile and deliver digital excellence

Cool SmartApps™ Easily Managed and Measured

Consistent user experience across all channels

Actionable Analytics

Gain insight into industry standards for growth.


Direct core connectivity and freedom to choose your own vendors.


Always adding & improving functionality. It’s fun to scale as you grow.

Great Design

Simple, Unique, Usable, Intentional.

Mobile Only Experience™

With MOX™ Everywhere, users have a consistent and exceptional experience across all channels and devices. Learn about the advantages of Malauzai’s MOX Everywhere Suite of products.

Give your account holders the best experience across all channels.


Real-time End-user Behavioral Analytics

REBA is a powerful reporting and analytics engine that provides insight into user behavior to improve decision-making and grow business.
REBA Benchmarking lets you compare yourself to others across relevant key statistics and unlock revenue opportunities.
Analyze particular features or filter by bank or credit union, asset size, or region. Get into it!


iPhone Usage


Android Usage


iPad Usage


Browser Usage

Statistics based on 2016 Monkey Insights


We have seen tremendous adoption with our customers and our mobile presence allows us to grow beyond our physical footprint. I would unequivocally recommend Malauzai.

Jim Cherry, CEO, Park Sterling Bank



Malauzai’s SmartApps provides our clients with a robust experience that makes their financial data easily accessible and manageable.

Brian Van Dyk, EVP and CIO, Bank of Hope


Our SmartApp was designed to our specifications and provides members with an unparalleled feature set.

Donna Young, EVP/COO, Vons Credit Union


Malauzai’s core integration capabilities enable our customers to use their smartphones to register for mobile banking rather than registering through Internet banking.

Jeff Casey, Vice President Alternative Delivery Channels, First Financial Bank


Malauzai was a terrific partner in terms of providing us on-time delivery and a competitive mobile product without requiring us to make a huge investment in time or resources. I would highly recommend Malauzai.

Bill Bunn, Group Senior Vice President, Park Sterling Bank


Malauzai was the one company able to provide the dynamic solution our customers demand. We had strategic planning meetings with Malauzai’s team to discuss the product’s design, which is incredibly rare for a vendor to initiate. Even from the preliminary conversations, Malauzai was extraordinarily agreeable and no idea was off limits.

John Gill, COO, Somerset Trust Company


We decided on Malauzai because we needed an innovative mobile banking solution. Malauzai empowers us to provide members with excellent service within the mobile channel and also helps us to attract younger, more tech-savvy members, as well.

Tommy Seargeant, President & CEO, Greater Texas Federal Credit Union


To remain competitive, we must offer digital services that are fast, convenient and easy to use. We’ve fulfilled all of those needs with our partnership with Malauzai. Malauzai has every feature we are looking for including Touch ID, P2P and more.

Kevin Carson, Chief Technology Officer, First United Bank


We were one of the first community banks in our area to offer a mobile banking app. Malauzai has since alowed us to stay ahead of the competition with innovative features such as Picture Pay™.

Clint Bryant, IT Manager, Wayne County Bank

SAMI Platform

SmartApp Management Infrastructure (SAMI) is an immensely powerful framework that allows for real-time updates and dramatically reduces the need for changes in the app store.

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