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The Malauzai Advantage

Arming community financial institutions with innovative technology to compete and win in the digital space against local competitors and money-center banks.

Improve User Engagement and Create Revenue

It is a simple formula; delighted customers and members are more satisfied, buy more products, and refer more business. Our solutions provide all of the tools needed to fulfill on the promise of making the mobile channel a revenue-generating opportunity, rather than a cost of doing business. The potential return on investment for mobile banking has never been more clear – and revenue focus is now an imperative when developing and implementing a mobile strategy.

Cool, Innovative and Flexible


Stand Alone

Disconnected from Internet banking to deliver a unique branded experience


MOX Connect

Enables secure, real-time processing and faster data delivery



Simple and consistent user experience across channels



Continuous track record of innovation and rich features

MOX™ Everywhere

Deliver digital excellence resulting in a differentiated advantage for your financial institution and accountholders. The MOX Everywhere Suite of products supports your entire financial institution from consumer, business to employees on a single platform. Acquire and retain more profitable accountholders. How do we accomplish this?



With 10-12 releases each year, Malauzai has evolved into the most feature-rich mobile only banking solution for community financial institutions. Our continuous track record of innovation makes us the leader in next-generation mobile banking.



The breadth and depth of our SAMI platform means Malauzai’s SmartApp experiences are virtually impossible to outgrow. If you require new functionality or need a new third-party interface, we scale with you to meet the needs of your financial institution.



We connect directly to the core banking system. Our growing list of core integrations and ability to quickly and easily integrate to third-party applications is essential to today’s progressive community financial institutions. We do more than provide you with robust functionality, we allow you to select your own vendors for a mobile experience that is as unique as your bank or credit union.



More than 300 credit unions and community banks currently rely on the Malauzai for a native mobile banking experience. Our strong leadership and experienced board allows us to innovate fast and scale our business to grow with you.

Rapid Deployment

SmartApps can be configured for each bank or credit union and rapidly published for customers/members. SmartApp changes require minimal effort and new features can be turned on and off centrally, eliminating the need for App Store™ updates.

Mobile User Management

Our SAMI platform allows financial institutions the ability to track end-user activity, have a 360 view as well as enable and disable passwords remotely across all devices including Web.

  • Mobile ID/Browsers
  • Feature Usage
  • Payees/Payment Information
  • Logins/Access Information

Content Management

Our unique platform infrastructure allows us to make real-time
content and design updates seamlessly to devices and browsers
without requiring downtime or store submissions.

  • About Us, Contact Us, Privacy and Disclosure Statements
  • Multi-Language Versions

Marketing Management

Enables financial institutions to engage with their customers & members directly within the SmartApp with both marketing messages and surveys.

  • In SmartApp/Browser Marketing and Messaging
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Media Integration: YouTube, Facebook and Twitter Content
  • Customer Referrals via Social


REBA is a powerful real-time reporting and analytics engine, which tracks over 5,000 unique elements and is designed to provide financial institutions insight into its customer behavior.

  • User Community Activity
  • Feature Usage
  • Session Usage
  • Money Movement
  • Device Store Downloads
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Results


Our “security by design” philosophy incorporates today’s strongest security controls such as static code analysis, attack scenarios, patching and recurring pen-testing.

  • SSL Encryption
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Unique Device ID (mobile only)
  • Device Management: Fraud prevention, Malware & Jailbreak detection
  • Entitlements
  • Optional PIN
  • Debit Card Lock
  • TouchID (mobile only iOS 8.0+)

Core System Integration

The SmartApp comes pre-integrated with a bank or credit union’s core processing system, billpay vendors and other supporting technology partners (such as remote capture), allowing for easy and seamless implementation.

  • Disconnected from Internet banking
  • Over 27 direct core integrations
  • Speeds implementation and deployment
  • Real-time transaction and feature updates

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