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April 5, 2018 | Amigoni Urban Winery |1505 Genessee | Kansas City, MO

Malauzai’s Innovation Nation Forum is stopping in Kansas City from 3:00 – 6:00 pm! Join us for a wine tasting and tour as we bring together experts from the Fintech ecosystem to highlight the latest technology trends that drive digital growth.

This complimentary and unique forum is designed for banks and credit unions  looking to lead in innovation and differentiate their digital banking offering. Walk away with a clearer path on the latest technologies and insights that are driving engagement and adoption opportunities.

We will share real-world strategies and you will have an opportunity to learn more about AI, The Cloud and product advancements such as: Digital Payments, Security and Fraud, PFM, Mobile Onboarding, Conversational Banking and more.

Guest Presenters:

Robb Gaynor, CPO, Malauzai: “Demystifying AI with Conversational Banking….What is it Really, Do We Even Know?”
Danny Piangerelli, CTO, Malauzai: “Don’t Be Afraid of the Cloud & How Your Financial Institution Can Leverage AI Today”

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