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Fall 2014 Edition

Happy Fall and thanks for reading the second edition of Monkey Connect, designed to keep you in the loop on product updates and support information, as well as offer industry insights and tips. We’ve been busy here at the zoo and we’re happy to share what we’ve been working on — groundbreaking product roadmap items like SmartwebApps™, valuable new partnerships, and conferences where we get to reveal new technology while furthering our education.

Again, this is your newsletter so please feel free to provide feedback and let us know what you’d like to hear more about!

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Product Management & Marketing


The Product Management & Marketing Team is dedicated to defining and publishing the vision of our company and our Cool SmartApps. We manage new feature and enhancement roadmaps, measure and analyze end-user behaviors, and work with development on future planning of SmartApp releases. The team diligently strives to administer SmartApp systems and solutions to delight our customers, while broadening awareness for the company through public relations efforts.

In addition to corporate communications, events and branding, the marketing team is also available to assist you with mobile marketing, adoption and growth/retention programs for your customers/members.

What’s New With SmartApps?


We recently unveiled our latest big development, SmartwebApps™.

What are SmartwebApps™?

SmartwebApps provide an exceptional alternative to Internet banking, offering the same functionality of online banking, plus the advanced features of SmartApps and superior usability of a Mobile Only Experience™ (MOX). Your customers and members will value having a consistent banking experience across all channels and you will reduce fees and expenses associated with managing multiple platforms. SmartwebApps delivers the next generation of mobile banking, leveraging the power of an app-like experience on any device, desktop or browser.

Our latest release 4.1 includes the following updates:

  • Allied PicturePay update: PicturePay has been enhanced to provide end-users with full payee management (add, edit and delete). In addition, end-users can now schedule one-time and recurring payments. A tabbed UI allows users to easily view scheduled payments, historical payments, and a list of payees.
  • New Account Open: This feature enables end-users to open an account from within the SmartApp. It will be available on iPhone, Android Phone, iPad and SmartwebApps (browser based). The feature requires integration with the core banking software and with 3rd parties for new account verification (address check, OFAC check, credit check, etc).
  • Customer Service Module: This feature allows end-users the ability to submit a request for service from within the mobile banking SmartApp. The service request can be categorized and a basic description will be included. The request will be routed to the Bank/CU, either ending up in their CRM system (which requires integration) or within SAMI where a service rep can process the request.
  • Statement Viewing: This feature will allow end-users to view statements from within the mobile banking SmartApp. End-users will be able to see a list of historical statements and see a view of an individual statement. It does NOT include enrolling in e-statements. This feature requires integration with the financial institution’s statement vendor.

Talk to your account manager to get more info on the upcoming release, and how to get your apps updated to the latest and greatest.


The data is in and Business Mobile Banking is a hit.

There are now over 26 financial institutions live with the Business Mobile Banking solution and 561 active businesses. The behavioral data in REBA (real-time end user behavioral analytics) is pretty interesting. Some of it is completely expected and other insights are, well, making us scratch our collective head… The September Monkey Insights posted on our web site has all the highlights.


In our last newsletter we filled you in on our recent partnership with Jack Henry Symitar® to launch our enterprise/employee-facing mobile SmartApp under the Episys Anywhere™ brand. Currently only available for Symitar users, Episys Anywhere combines branch functions with the convenience and mobility of a tablet to create a more personal connection “away from the desk” with members and prospective members.

Episys Anywhere is designed to deliver greater cost-efficiency and elevated member services by improving the traditional paper-based on-boarding process and teller transactions.

Summary of Features and Additional Benefits

  • Account balance retrieval, transaction history, internal account transfers, person-to-person payments, and bill pay
  • Remote check capture
  • New member account opening
  • Capturing data from driver’s licenses

What it does:

  • Enables the opening of new accounts on a tablet
  • Supports all primary online banking activities on a tablet
  • Allows for remote check capture
  • Supports scanning and capturing data 
from driver’s licenses
  • Allows new member account opening at off-site events

What it does for you:

  • Provides employees and members 
a more personal “working together” experience
  • Facilitates cross selling
  • Reduces paper
  • Streamlines data collection and reduces manual entry
  • Promotes member self-service




A comprehensive toolkit to create awareness of your SmartApp

We recently introduced our marketing support program via webinar this past Tuesday. We covered the goals of the program and shared some of the templates that will be available to you in the toolkit we’re developing. We’ve created SmartMarketing to help you drive adoption of your SmartApp and increase feature usage while strengthening your brand. More to come on the program and marketing collateral that will be available — we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

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Product Delivery & Support

The Operations and Implementation team is responsible for successfully delivering Malauzai’s SmartApps to our customers. The team assists with driving project plans internally for customers, as well as for strategic partnerships. Once your SmartApp is live, we offer dedicated customer support to answer questions, comments, or requests to ensure that we continue to deliver delight throughout the process.

In October we communicated variations in user interface design that your customers and members would experience in their SmartApp as a result of Apple®’s iOS 8 update. If users update their application to the new version the enhancements are simply related to look and feel only rather than functionality.

» Click here for our iOS 8 User Interface Impact Guide

Our Customer Support Program is designed to ensure that customers receive quality support after the completion of their SmartApp implementation. Our goal is to provide a formal process for reporting issues and requests so that we can respond effectively and efficiently. The Customer Support Program includes:

  • Support process
  • Support hours
  • How to request support
  • What to include with your request
  • Support service level agreement & descriptions
  • Escalation process
  • Issue process flow
  • Support questions to submit with your request

Please provide the following information when contacting Support:

  1. Device / Make / Operating System
  2. Steps to produce the issue
  3. Test Account Information
  4. App Version

Don’t forget after your SmartApp has gone live, and you have questions or you need assistance, you can contact the support team via email at support@malauzai.com or via phone at 512-961-5699, option 3.

» Click here to download our Customer Support Program


While we work hard to cover everything during the implementation, we understand that questions may still come up.

» Click here for some answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

Relationship Management

We’re excited to officially announce our Relationship Management Program. The goal of the program is to increase our strategic partnership with you to ensure you are wildly successful with your digital channel.

Relationship Management Program Purpose:

  • Understand your top line strategy and align Malauzai priorities to support you
  • Make recommendations that will ensure the digital channel supports your priorities
  • Regular meeting cadence to ensure you are fully informed on our plans, including product roadmap
  • Be your advocate for new ideas and offerings you want to bring to market

Buzz from the field:

I have begun visiting our customers in the market and have received very positive feedback across the board on service, products and our roadmap. A common theme is the excitement around having a trusted mobile advisor and single point of contact for roadmap and enhancement requests. I will continue to schedule visits to discuss your mobile strategy to ensure that you and your team are aware and informed of the latest Malauzai offerings.

A few common themes:

Clearly, mobile money movement is an exciting trend. We continue to have many discussions around our new Person-to-Person (P2P) and Account-to-Account (A2A) offering. We couldn’t be more excited about the future and buzz it is generating. We are looking forward to sharing more as we continue to develop into 2015.

Customers are increasingly concerned with SmartApp awareness as their solutions become more robust and new features are enabled. A key way we suggest announcing new features in your SmartApp is via our “Whats New” feature. This is being used as a training mechanism in conjunction with our new SmartMarketing program, a marketing toolkit for you to promote mobile awareness and adoption.

Additionally, we continue to see a great deal of interest in our recently launched SmartwebApps, as an Internet banking replacement. With SmartwebApps our customers will have the same functionality of online banking, plus the advanced features of SmartApps and superior usability of a Mobile Only Experience™ (MOX). Your customers and members will value having a consistent banking experience across all channels and you will reduce expenses and time associated with managing multiple platforms. This dual approach is being discussed in many instances. i.e. Running SmartwebApps and traditional Internet banking in parallel until it is appropriate to discontinue Internet banking and is tailored to “digital natives” who prefer the mobile only experience “MOX”.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss SmartwebApps or other product enhancements. I look forward to continuing to meet with our customers and delight you all with new and innovative SmartApp advances.

If you have interest in scheduling a discussion or adding new features to your SmartApp such as Remote Deposit Capture, Picture Pay or Card Management, please contact Tanner via email at tanner.mayo@malauzai.com or by phone at 512-787-1996.

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Customer Spotlight

In each issue of Monkey Connect we’ll spotlight a customer doing spectacular things in mobile. It’s innovative community bankers like you who lead the future by listening to consumer demand in order to provide real-life solutions, in real time. Kudos!

In September 2013, Credit Union of America, based in Wichita, Kansas was the first credit union in the country to offer its members mobile card management tools with the launch of their new mobile banking SmartApp, CUA Mobile.cards1

Malauzai worked with CU America to create a robust mobile banking solution that allows members to take control over their own card security. Their SmartApp card management features enable members to:

  • Turn their debit card on and off with the swipe of a finger
  • Adjust ATM and POS transaction limits
  • Control international transaction permissions, all from their mobile device

The capabilities provide significant member convenience and allow them to make account adjustments that previously required a phone call to the call center or visit to the branch. The Debit On/Off feature also lets members take control of their own card security, an important tool as data breaches become morecards2

commonplace. A member can turn their card off if it is missing or has been stolen to avoid it being used. Some members even keep the card switched off at all times until they are ready to use it for a transaction. The real-time nature of the tool means the card can be turned on, or re-activated, at the point of sale. Members have responded well and the feature set has garnered an 89.83% month-over-month increase since the app launched.

Part of the success of CardLoc has been driven by the high adoption of the overall mobile banking app. CUA Mobile boasts more than 9, 500 active users, 25% of the credit union’s member base. The app’s other innovative features include SnapCheck, SnapPay, and SmarText (CUA branded SmarText as Quicklogin).

Partnerships Update

We’ve been busy on the partnership front! The focus this quarter has been on developing new relationships, onboarding new technology partners, and broadening existing partnerships.

We continuously ask ourselves, How can we further delight our customers? What can we do to make their lives easier so they, in turn, can delight the end user, or their customers and members? So when we choose new technology partners they must complement and nicely integrate with our financial institution partners. We welcome our new partners to the zoo and look forward to long-lasting relationships. That said, here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • New Relationships: We’ve recently partnered with D+H, a major FinTech company and core provider. We’re thrilled to make them part of our solution in order to provide seamless integration with additional FI’s core systems. Look for an announcement with more details soon.
  • New Technology Partners: We’ve also partnered with Payveris (payments), Trusteer (an IBM company), Guardian Analytics (security), and Mitek (image capture). These technology partners enhance our product by offering robust functionality and integration.
  • Existing Partnerships: Malauzai has reenergized our Symitar Enterprise partnership with special year-end pricing. We’re also exploring new product options at CSI and BT.

There will be much more to follow as we launch the D+H partnership and deploy these stellar technologies from our new allies. We’ll keep you posted!

The Zoo Spotlight

Not only are our customers amazing but our team members are too. Without these monkeys we couldn’t continually delight the financial institutions who partner with us.

Thank you, team, for a job well done!

Nick Lewis

User Experience Engineer

Joined Malauzai in October 2012

Nick customizes applications, allowing financial institutions to have their own flavor of branding. Nick also manages initial content setup, ensuring the application functions properly. Additionally, Nick troubleshoots issues that may arise as well as updates customers’ desired verbiage, branding, and ads.

What do you love most about what you do?

I am proud to help create a tool that makes peoples’ day-to-day lives easier.

Life before Malauzai

Prior to joining Malauzai Nick attended college at Texas State University and earned a degree in Business Administration with a focus on entrepreneurship.

What is something we might not know about you?

I love mob movies.


I enjoy going to sporting events. I’m a huge Houston fan – of the Rockets and Texans, specifically! Also, I love anything automotive related, like car shows and cruising around hill country back roads.

Raul Ponce

Manager, Product Delivery


Joined Malauzai in January 2014

Raul is responsible for the successful implementation of our customers’ SmartApps. Raul acts as liaison between customers and Malauzai team members to ensure deployment to the app stores happens in a timely and satisfactory fashion.

What do you love most about what you do?

Having the ability to see behind the scenes, I realize every implementation is a unique experience. I continually learn from team members across departments and that has given me a thorough understanding of the product in each stage of development.

What is something we might not know about you?

Heaven, for me, is being on a mountain with a board strapped to my feet. I escape Texas as often as possible during winter (my favorite season) to enjoy colder, snow-filled climates!

Life before Malauzai.

Prior to joining Malauzai Raul worked as a manager in the rental car industry.


Concerts, especially outdoor events. Music has always been a big part of my life.

Becky Winkles

Software Engineer

Joined Malauzai in May 2013

Becky focuses on the development of back-end interfaces and infrastructure design for various customers, vendors and data centers. Becky also enhances server side code to build new features and develop faster and more efficient web services.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love being able to take a stack of documentation and turn it into a live working SmartApp that our customers can use and enjoy; building something from an idea.

Life before Malauzai.

Prior to joining Malauzai Becky was an I.T. Specialist for the Federal District Court of New Mexico.

What is something we might not know about you?

I am an adrenaline junky! I’m up for most anything that will get my heart racing and I absolutely love skydiving!


Sports. Volleyball, basketball, and attending any kind of sporting event.

User Experience Delivery Team

We would also like to recognize the Malauzai User Experience Delivery Team. They make your SmartApps to order — beautifully designed, intuitive and seamlessly functional.

Malauzai’s User Experience Delivery team is focused on creating customized mobile applications that reflect our customers’ brand style and preferences. Through the design of custom images and manipulation of style elements through our in-house content management system (SAMI), we can create applications that reflect the brand personality of our customers, thereby creating a completely unique mobile user experience for each application.


  • Work with Product Delivery team to manage customers’ design needs throughout the implementation lifecycle
  • Work with Development and Infrastructure teams to improve content’s relationship to the application and server – default content, creation of new content, SAMI enhancements, bug reporting, etc.

Team Members

  • Laura Faye – Manager, User Experience Delivery
  • Justin Durban – UX Designer
  • Tammy Jarocki – UX Designer
  • Nick Lewis – UX Engineer

» Click here to meet the zookeepers

Did You Know?

Online Reviews Influence Consumer Decisions

Your online reputation is important. Consumers are not shy when it comes to expressing their opinions online about products and services they use. It is common for people to share experiences on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as post reviews in the app stores and on review sites like Yelp.

Take a look at some findings that demonstrate how online reviews effect your online reputation and influence potential customer/member decisions:

  • 84% of users say app store ratings are important in their decisions to download and install a mobile app (Source)
  • 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals (Source)
  • 78% of consumers said that companies’ social media posts impact their purchases (Source)
  • 70% of marketers have used Facebook to successfully gain new customers (Source)
  • 90% of Yelp users say that positive reviews affect their purchases (Source)

You can’t control what people say about you but you can provide excellent customer service in the digital world by responding to anything that comes up. It is worth devoting some time and resources to managing reviews and even encouraging customers/members to review your SmartApp. Apps with higher ratings get more downloads (Source)

Being where your customers and potential customers are is wise. Take the opportunity to engage with them, be proactive, facilitate word of mouth marketing and develop loyalty. Managing reviews of your Mobile Banking SmartApp by responding to online comments can help you increase adoption and retention rates.

Coming Soon: Positive Review Campaign!

Malauzai is available to assist with your own positive review campaign. Stay tuned for more information on this and how to manage your online reputation.

News & Events


The latest Monkey Business

Symitar Educational Conference & Technology Expo

At the end of the summer we attended Symitar’s annual conference. The conference provides credit union professionals the opportunity to learn about industry trends and to discuss challenges with folks like us who use Symitar’s solutions. Informative sessions and training classes are also held. Symitar gave us the chance to present Epysis Anywhere, allowing branch employees to conduct common activities on a mobile device, such as new member account opening. This offers the flexibility of providing assisted self service or self-service in or away from the branch.

Finovate Fall 2014

We recently attended FinovateFall 2014 in NYC. It’s the demo-focused conference where leading established companies and startups showcase their financial and banking technology innovations. Each company selected to present has a mere 7 seconds to simply demo their latest and greatest to a large audience. (i.e. no PowerPoints, etc.)

To unveil SmartwebApps Malauzai chief product officer Robb Gaynor started out the demo with a resounding, “Internet banking is dead.” Waves immediately started rolling into the Twittersphere…

» See the reactions!


Come out and say hi!

» BAI Retail Delivery Nov 12-14, 2014, Chicago

Monkey Insights

Monkey Insights is our “little-data” report, broken into digestible analytics highlighting key trends in mobile banking usage based on data for 180+ banks & credit unions, covering 3 million logins from 210,000 active mobile users.

» July 2014

» March 2014

» February 2014

» January 2014

Monkey Chatter

Be sure to check out our blog, Monkey Chatter, to stay up to date on mobile banking and industry trends.