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Harness the power of real-time behavioral analytics to enable innovation and growth

REBA Analytics

A powerful set of behavioral and transactional reports that highlight how your account holders utilize mobile and Internet banking.
Improve decision-making and revenue opportunities.

Actionable Little Data


Self-Service Reporting

Access to key reports through self-service console


Real Time Behavior

Measure and track behavior and usage in real-time



Gain action-focused insight across all channels



Enhanced reporting to drive ROI and monitor KPIs against peers

Increase Retention and Unlock Revenue Opportunities

REBA provides constant visibility across channels. This means you can track end-user experiences to improve retention through targeted campaigns.  If you see usage for a particular feature is down then you can plan your next email campaign or create in-app marketing messages to create awareness and boost usage.

REBA Benchmarking

Gain insight into industry standards for growth. REBA Benchmarking is your opportunity to compare yourself to others across key statistics relevant to your decision-making group. Analyze particular features or filter by bank or credit union, asset size, or region.

Most Used Features

  • Remote Deposit Capture 90%
  • Money Movement 20%
  • Card Management 45%

iOS vs. Android Usage

  • iOS 90%
  • Android 20%

Business Users vs. Consumer Users Apple Device Usage

  • Business Users 81%
  • Consumers 60%

Example Reports Include:

Feature Usage

Shows usage of all key SmartApp and Web features from contact us through bill pay and capture.

Session Usage

Highlights key session information including session duration and frequency.

Money Movement

Data on money movements including transfers, bill payments and check deposits.

Device Store/marketplace downloads

Displays the number of SmartApps downloaded from the stores.

End User Session Report

Displays details of end-user sessions for all SmartApp and Web activity.

Feature Service Report

Highlights the connectivity to the back-end core systems and third-party service providers.

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