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Service your business customers with a custom offering designed to
meet their unique needs.

Business Banking

Arms community financial institutions with a differentiating solution that serves the needs of business customers.

Cool, Innovative Business Features



Simple workflow enforces approval requirements of payments and collections


User Permissions

Empower businesses with the control of customizable, permission-based roles



Self-service console to configure, manage and process activities with real-time connectivity to the core


Move Money

Unified electronic payment & collection processing feature supporting multiple processing methods

See More Small Business Features
All the features small businesses want from a product plus unique functionality that will make them say “cool”.
  • User permissions
  • ACH payments/collections
  • Self-service administration tools
  • Wire transfers
  • Secondary token authentication at login and payment submission
  • Business workflow
  • Integration with accounting software
  • Batch interface
  • Debit card management
  • Bill Pay, including PicturePay
  • Touch ID
  • Recurring transfers
  • SmarText login
  • Person-to-Person payments (P2P)
  • Customer/member personalization
  • Account balances for deposit, loan and credit accounts
  • Local rewards/offers
  • E-Statements
  • New account opening
  • View transaction history
  • Internal account cash transfers (immediate and future-dated)
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Pending bill pay and transfer details
  • Location-based branch/ATM finder
  • Optional PIN login for additional security
  • Customizable mobile banking security alerts
  • Marketing and messaging
  • Social media integration, including sharing referrals
  • Multi-language versions
  • Robust usage analytics

What’s Different About Business?

Geared towards retail bankers that support the micro-small business customer segment, our Business product represents the next-generation of mobile and internet banking technology.

Designed as an extension of our Consumer offering enhanced to provide more common functionality needed for business owners that are typically not met with traditional mobile or Internet banking products.


Superior Usability

Retail+ is created with the retail banker and small business end user in mind. Superior usability is attained by providing a simple to use and easy to understand user interface very similar to the Consumer app experience. Providing all of the key features of the Consumer product plus customized business tools needed to deliver new services and potential revenue opportunities for your financial institution. Whether you choose smartphone, tablet, desktop or watch, each experience can be completely customized by the financial institution to match brand guidelines and identity. The focus is on creating a series of memorable experiences for the end-user. These small “emotional-bursts” leave an impression on the end-user that ultimately creates engagement and increases usage and adoption.

Cool, Innovative Features

Create mobility around the unique needs of the micro-small business customer. Basic user entitlements and administrative permissions provide comprehensive access to manage multiple businesses and personal accounts using one login across multiple channels.  With user permissions, workflows and self-service assistance tools, users can access account management, payment tools while maintaining control with approval requirements. Our security by design philosophy enables an additional layer of authentication at login and throughout to mitigate fraud and unapproved access. A seamless integration with Quickbooks and other accounting software helps synchronize your transactions, in real-time. A unified payments and collection feature-set accommodates multiple electronic payment methods including wire, ACH, bill pay as well as ability to schedule, review and approve transactions. Additional batch interface augments real-time connectivity with BAI uploads providing businesses access to data without negatively impacting users experience and response time.

Core System Integrations

Malauzai Software believes that robust, fully real-time core integration is essential to the user experience in order to meet the demands of a savvy mobile user. Our interfaces include in-house and data center hosted solutions. Malauzai has established core system integrations with nearly 30 core providers that service the community banking market segments.

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