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SmartwebApps™ are like Internet banking but without the clutter and way more efficient. They run in advanced browsers on any device, including desktop, and look and feel just like an app. A really clean, modern, user-friendly app.

A consistent experience across channels is essential, no question. Your users expect it. It defines and strengthens your brand. Facilitate MOX™ as you’ve come to know and love. It just makes sense. We have a plan, we can help. No contract sound good? We thought so, too!

SmartwebApps has enabled us to effectively replace and enhance our entire online banking offering for all of our customers no matter how they choose to connect with us.  The consistent UX across all devices leads to an exceptional experience that rivals any other platform in the market today.

John Gill

COO, Somerset Trust Company


Extend Mobile

Easily recreate the tablet, or mobile, experience in advanced browsers on any device, including desktop


Additional Access

Offer a superior point of access that allows users to choose their favorite experience


Stay Relevant

Quick access to awesome app features, providing users with information most relevant to them


Enhance your Brand

Improve brand loyalty and quality through a consistent look and feel

What path will you take?

Maybe you have a few reasons for implementing SmartwebApps… and that’s awesome too!


1. SmartwebApps for Android Tablets & Windows Smartphones

A CFI uses SmartwebApps to target customers who use Android tablets and Windows smartphones.  Using an advanced, up-to-date browser, a customer gets an enriched mobile experience on an Android tablet.  It looks and acts like the iPad SmartApp. Currently Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari browsers are supported.


2. SmartwebApps for a Member Segment

A CFI offers SmartwebApps to members who qualify for their advanced tier of loyalty. SmartwebApps are turned on for just these members. As part of the CFI’s overall incentive program the solution in used as an additional benefit of membership.


3. SmartwebApps for Current Mobile Banking Members

A CFI launches SmartwebApps for members who use mobile banking.  The experience is exactly like iPad except for one difference: when a member uses a browser instead of the app, she will have a login option. Current members enrolled in mobile banking use the same ID and password to access mobile banking.


4. SmartwebApps for Small Business Customers

A CFI allows businesses to access Retail + using a browser solution tailored just for their needs. Retail+ includes simple entitlements, ACH and wire origination features.   No change for consumers. This allows the bank to gain valuable experience with SmartwebApps before  they launch it to a wider consumer audience.


5. SmartwebApps for Internet Banking Members

A CFI uses SmartwebApps to augment Internet Banking.  Features like debit card management and check deposit, not currently available on the desktop, are now available to all members via SmartwebApps. In fact, members can access all of the unique features in the SmartApp, as there is parity in functionality between the current mobile offering and SmartwebApps.


6. SmartwebApps for New Customers

A CFI gives SmartwebApps to all new customers.  Once an account is opened after a given date, when a customer clicks the login button, she is directed to the SmartwebApp.  Also, new customers are automatically signed up for the SmartApp and eStatements.


7. SmartwebApps for Bank/Credit Union Employees

Empower your team to better serve customers by giving employees access to SmartwebApps!  This is an effective training tool that enables your team to experience what a tablet app looks like without the need for an iPad.  In addition to training, SmartwebApps can be used by all employees who are also account holders. Employees can preview what the future of desktop banking will look like. Focusing on employees is an easy path to market for SmartwebApps.

We selected SmartwebApps for our new online banking platform because we believe the mobile look and feel is the future of banking.

Lisa Simpson

COO, Air Academy Federal Credit Union

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