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We are deep in the throes of building for the wearables, or more specifically, the Apple Watch platform. Like with anything, there are challenges but mostly, we’re excited. We’ll be sharing our experiences, opinions, and learnings here on the blog so be sure to follow along for the inside scoop!

Also, listen for our chirps on Twitter. Our engineers and designers will be sharing, live, their daily thoughts on the matter as they build this thing. We thought it would be fun to share our journey, giving you an inside perspective on what it’s like to design and build for the Apple Watch platform. Ask us questions or share your thoughts with us @MalauzaiMonkeys. To follow the convo, keep an eye out for and be sure to use the hashtags #smartwearapps #wearables #wearabletech #moxeverywhere or #applewatch

– Tara Cuccia, Demand Creation Manager, Malauzai Software, tara.cuccia@malauzai.com