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Austin, TX, September 14, 2017

Malauzai Software, a leader in digital banking, today released The Monkey Advisory on the Apple announcement of new smartphones and accompanying software. The Monkey Advisory covers substantial new updates in technology, such as major launches of new devices, updates to operating systems and associated services covering the large and small mobile and internet platforms. Specifically, The Monkey Advisory brings insight to how the new technology will impact the native application software running on the platform, service or new device. 

This Monkey Advisory covers the recent Apple announcement including highlights focused on:

  • New iPhone X. Apple launches new flagship smartphone. Bigger edge-to-edge screen, no home button, Face ID leads the new feature list that could impact apps running on the platform. Pricey but very cool device. They will sell many, even at prices well north of $1000.
  • Face ID. Replaces fingerprint biometrics on the newest, biggest iPhone X. Looks like a one-for-one swap out. Very cool technology in general to be able to tap in to…. We shall see if it really launches as seamlessly as they are claiming it will… 
  • New iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Updated version of the current iPhone 7. Edge-to-edge screen is on this new device, faster processor etc…. Ho hum, no real big news here, just keeps a lower priced, high feature option available if you can’t afford the X.
  • New Watch. Probably the biggest, most substantial change. The Watch now has its own cell access and can function more autonomously from the “tethered” iPhone. It is also set free from talking to your wrist by pairing with the new earbuds, the AirPods headphone. Bluetooth headphones, like the AirPods, have always been supported on the Apple Watch. The App will require substantial re-thought to take advantage of the new capabilities. The old Watch was basically a $400 Fitbit. Now, maybe we can realize more of our dreams around wearables, given the tech advancements.
  • New iOS Operating System. No substantial news. Continue to test BETA versions.


How Will Native Apps Running On the Platform Be Impacted: 

  • iPhone X and Face ID. Losing fingerprint biometrics is the biggest change for the X. Yes, it is replaced by Face ID and yes, Apple claims the change-over will be seamless for developers. We shall see. Simple things, like did the developer “hard-code” the word Touch ID in your app? That will require an app update, just to change the title of the field from whatever it was to Face ID etc.…. Little things can cause the need for an app update, a new round of testing, posting to the store etc.…. Other than Face ID, the X will have limited impact on native apps. The loss of the home button will have no impact. Edge-to-edge screen will have no impact, resolution and size just scales up. No other major feature enhancements on the X will drive the need for native app changes.
  • iPhone 8/8Plus. No major impact on native apps is expected. Really, all the changes here are internal, better, faster, stronger version of the iPhone 7.
  • New Apple Watch. This one requires more substantial changes to the native Watch App. Because the Watch App can run independent of the Smartphone, we can do more with the device and the app. It being tethered to the iPhone was a big limiting factor. Another breakthrough is the AirPod integration. That is big. As we pursue Conversational Banking, the use of voice and natural language, this will be combined with wearables. Voice to Wearable, to wearable screen!!! Star-trek effect (separate article). Think more autonomy, like being able to receive alerts from your bank and act on them with minimal effort, such as talking. More to come on what will change but inevitably this is the biggest area of opportunity for developers given what Apple has announced this fall…
  • New Operating System. No substantial changes to current native apps is expected given the new operating system features and enhancements. However, things change quickly as new BETA versions are released so stay tuned. What we know about iOS11 today is that Apple is removing support for 32bit applications. Customers being impacted have been notified and we are taking proactive measures to minimize the impact.

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