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Cool, Innovative Features

The freedom to choose no matter which segment you are servicing

Moving at the speed of mobile,we enable financial institutions to implement the latest technologies and
out-pace the competition.

Our Innovation Marketplace gives you the flexibility in selecting functionality from best-in-breed partners and with MalauzaiOne no matter which segment you are servicing you have access
to all features.

Money Movement & Bill Pay

  • – Remote Deposit Capture – Deposit checks with a photo and a click
  • – PicturePay – Point, Shoot, and Pay a bill
  • – Person-to-Person– Send money to anyone using SMS or email
  • – Account-to-account – Transfer money between accounts at same or different financial institutions
  • MOX™ Pay
  • – ACH & Wire File Processing

Card Controls

Self Service & Easy Access

Our “security by design” philosophy incorporates today’s strongest security controls such as static code analysis, attack scenarios,
patching and recurring pen-testing.

  • – No click quick balances – View balances without logging in to full account access
  • – Touch ID –Fingerprint launch for iPhone and Android
  • – E-statements – Access most recent statements immediately and electronically
  • – Location-based branch/ATM finder –GPS technology finds nearby branches
  • – PIN login – For additional security (out of band authentication)
  • – Facial recognition login – Easy and secure login
  • – Mobile Teller: Act On Behalf Of and View As User gives you deeper insight into the business, more control over what’s going on with customer interactions, and empowers employees to improve customer support

Dynamic Personalization

  • – Personal Finance Management- Control where money is spent, view projected cash, budgets and goal setting
  • – Personalized transactions – Attaching an image to easily record purchases and receipts
  • – Customer/member personalization – User can update their contact profile at any time
  • – Multi-language versions – Users can select which language they want the application to display

Marketing Campaigns & In-App Messaging

  • – Design targeted marketing campaigns that increase ROI
  • Marketing Campaign Manager
  • – Target Display Ads
  • – User Segmentation- Market to particular groups, demographics and control features-based usage

Analytics & Usage Reports

Gain insight into digital banking behavior and usage allowing you to improve decision-making and unlock revenue opportunities.

  • – Transaction Reporting – Over 15 standard reports, so you can measure feature usage behavior
  • Benchmarking
  • Marketing Analytics (WP)
  • – High Risk Transactions- Monitor digital channel usage for unusual behavior, improving security