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Travel Notes

Please be advised that United Airlines does not recognize the iPad Pro as a tablet. Under current restrictions it is considered a large personal computing device. Therefore, it must be stowed during take-off and landing. I objected strenuously to this classification of the tablet as a personal computing device. “Sounds a lot like a PC”, I said. Please be advised that the folks who attend to us do not take kindly to being told a tablet is not a PC. While I freely admit it is large I still consider it a mobile and agile device, akin to and in fact highly related to my iPad Air. The same iPad Air I was forced to use in the absence of my larger format iPad Pro, and easier for my somewhat oldish eyes to see. Just be advised. I am sure policies will catch up. If, for some reason, the United Airlines Credit Union is reading this blog, maybe you can advance the case for the iPad Pro. Until then, I will just increase the font size on the iPad Air.

Straw Houses, i.e. Agile Development

80%. Yesterday I heard a great analogy for those trying to articulate the agile development environment’s characteristics. Build straw houses not brick houses. Yes, “The Three Pigs.” If you take too long, i.e. use legacy development methodologies to build something, by the time you launch the “thing” it’s too old and potentially obsolete. Build a straw house quickly and get it out there. Then, through the agile process, learn, tweak, and you’ll eventually get a better result. You’ll get a higher quality result that has been hardened. It is OK to be 80% done and launch. Don’t worry about solving every problem for launch. There is high incremental benefit from launching early and learning in real-time versus a longer development cycle that yield results later. Always later. And let’s be frank, this is not for everyone. Seasoned professionals struggle to come to terms with launching before it seems ready. It just makes people, knowledgable people, very uncomfortable. Maybe this is why a younger working generation may be more prepared to accept the level of change that agile represents. Who knows. Build straw houses not brick houses. Simple. Thank you to Michael Tang, a partner from Deloitte, for bringing attention to straw houses yesterday at the Bank Directors conference on innovation. If you can afford Deloitte, go to Michael for anything digital. You will not be disappointed. He is impressive.

Bank Director FinXTech Awards

Bank Director sponsored a conference on financial technology innovation. Congratulations to the five winners of the 2016 FinXTech award. Our friends nCino won with their banking partner Univest Bank for providing a bank operating system for lending! Our banking partner Somerset Trust won for innovation in personal and business digital services. Congratulations to both! Bank Director held an awesome event. The speakers were engaging and the attendee list was filled with bank and credit union board directors and senior technology leaders in banking and financial tech.

Robb Gaynor, Chief Product Officer Malauzai Software robb.gaynor@malauzai.com