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Fall 2015 Edition

We have officially hit the one-year mark since we released our first Monkey Connect newsletter. We hope that the information provided over the last few quarters has been helpful as you map out your digital strategy and partnership with Malauzai.

As we grow and continue to welcome new customers to our community financial institution family, it is important to us that we provide relevant information that is useful to your bank or credit union and ultimately good for your customers and members. So if you have topics or would like to share your own mobile banking success story, please email us at communications@malauzai.com.

Malauzai Celebrates 5 Years

We couldn’t be more proud of our team, accomplishments and the many milestones we have surpassed. Congratulations to our monkeys and thank you to our customers and partners for a great 5 years. Here’s to many more celebrations!

We know you’re busy so let’s jump right in and start with product updates since the last edition of Monkey Connect.

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Product Management & Marketing

Product & Marketing

Retail+ for Small Business

Are you ready to meet the unique needs of your small business customers? Geared towards retail bankers that support the micro-small business customer segment, our small business product represents the next-generation of mobile and Internet banking technology. It was designed as an extension of our Consumer offering enhanced to provide more common functionality needed for business owners that are typically not met with traditional mobile or Internet banking products. The demand for a unique solution that addresses this growing niche market is now available through Retail+ for Small Business.

Easy-to-Use and Personalized

  • Customized individual access and enforced dual control
  • Enhanced security features with additional fraud mitigation layers
    • Improved productivity with real-time alerts for transactions and approvals 
 – Synchronized transactions with seamless integration to your accounting software
  • Unified payments and collections tools
  • Access to MOX Console, a self-service tool to manage and maintain all applications for your businesses

Contact Michael Abare at michael.abare@malauzai.com to learn more or to get started today!



New UI Design

We have recently added a valuable deliverable to our SmartApps and we are excited to share the news. As part of our MOX design philosophy we have updated our designs across devices to bring a mobile only experience to the desktop via our SmartwebApps.

We believe mobile provides the best user experience in the cleanest, most user-friendly and personalized way.  More and more consumer apps use images to create a rich and customized experience. That’s what your customers and members expect in their banking apps as well. Additionally, we have enhanced our designs to deliver more relevant data and detailed information that is personalized to the user. Overall, these updates provide a consistent experience across all devices or screen sizes, which is great for everyone! 

Employee SmartApp™

It’s no news the banking landscape has changed drastically. To meet the needs of today’s consumers, employees are getting out from behind their desks to create a more personalized experience while enhancing your brand. You can now enable employees to do things like open new accounts at offsite events. This is the power of mobile that will differentiate you in the marketplace. Elevate your services, be more cost-effective, and reduce traditional paper-based teller transactions and processes with the convenience of a tablet via our Employee SmartApp.

What is REBA?

A full set of metrics and reports illustrates real-time, behavior-based analytics, providing constant visibility into actions going on across channels. Track end-user behavior and experiences to inform on feature usage, platform performance, marketing effectiveness, and task completion success. Visibility into key areas provides insight into measurable outcomes to improve user engagement and drive growth. Check it out!

REBA Benchmarking Coming Soon! 

An important part of any mobile strategy should be ongoing measurement of usage and success.  We are pleased to announce valuable new enhancements coming to REBA in early 2016.

What’s New?

As a complement to your existing REBA reports, REBA performance-based analytics with Benchmarking and Scorecard reports will be available to help you monitor key performance indicators across your digital banking channels. REBA benchmarking reports provides ability to track success with real-time actionable data to drive ROI and transform your business into a best in class institution.

REBA Benchmarking and Scorecard Highlights:

  • REBA Benchmarking enables you to benchmark overall performance in a given category within the Malauzai community. There are over 5,000 unique data elements available in REBA. Use data spotlights to identify trends that will impact your business today and into the future.
  • REBA Scorecard gives you valuable insight into your REBA reporting elements. Quickly assess your performance against other institution peers, based on 4 key metric segments, including institution type, asset size, market and features.

2015 Roadmap and Beyond

Many of you attended our Fall webinar where we highlighted some key new features and enhancements our teams have been working on. If you didn’t get a chance to attend please email communications@malauzai.com to receive a copy of the presentation.

Here are just a few of the new features we highlighted:

Text Banking – Enhance product offering to allow end-users to access accounts via text (SMS) messages.

Advanced Card Controls – Enhance SmartApps to allow end-users to set card spending preferences for merchant categories, transaction types, and spending thresholds.

Person to Person Payments – Enable end-users to send money from their account to anyone’s account at another FI using email or SMS.

Account to Account Payments – Enable end-users to transfer funds between accounts at different financial institutions.

Mitek MiSnapTM – Enhance mRDC and Driver’s License capture to provide real-time feedback to the end-user until a suitable image is detected, at which point it automatically captures the image.

Member-to-Member Payments – Enhance SmartApps to allow CU users to initiate recurring payments/transfers to other CU members within same FI.

Onboarding – Self-service onboarding.

Marketing Automation – Enhance FI admin functionality to include self-service marketing functionality.

Bill Pay Enhancements – Enhance bill pay functionality to support additional functionality made available by select bill pay providers.

SmartHOA – Allow home owner association(HOA) members to pay their membership dues, see information, and communicate with property management.

Text Chat – Enhance SmartApps to support text-based chat support.

For detailed information sheets on some of these features click here.

Product Delivery & Support

Female Customer Services Agent In Call Centre

We love Android, too!
In tech, Apple often seems to get center stage but as you all are aware, in addition to the iPhone and iPad, we also support Android devices. Here’s what we have to share from the realm of Android: Android 6.0 Marshmallow has officially been released, and Malauzai SmartApps supports it flawlessly. Google’s Nexus 5x and 6p will be great friends with your banking app, so expect good things!


Additionally, SmartApps work with Google’s latest Material Design UI which provides better performance, including a smoother user experience as well as a nicer looking user interface.

Relationship Management

Cropped view of two business executives shaking hands

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

At Malauzai, we strive to have the highest level of customer engagement and satisfaction.  To ensure we have delighted customers, we have recently expanded our Relationship Management team to better support you.  Your Relationship Manager will ensure there is strategic alignment, understands your priorities and works to create a mutual roadmap specific to your institution. If you are not sure who your Relationship Manager is please feel free to email sales@malauzai.com and your Relationship Manager will reach out to you.

In addition, we will be hosting quarterly webinars covering a variety of topics including latest product and feature updates as well as operations and training information. Be sure that your system accepts messages from communications@malauzai.com to receive the most current news from Malauzai.

A. Academy Logo 4c

Air Academy Federal Credit Union Set to Launch SmartwebApps

Background: Offering members a unique, app-like experience through Internet banking to meet the rising popularity and comfort with mobile functionality. At the same time, uniting mobile and online channels to ensure a consistent user experience, regardless of the platform members choose.

Profile:  Colorado Springs, Colorado-based Air Academy Federal Credit Union exemplifies best practices in its delivery of online and mobile solutions to its members. Air Academy is well aware that the majority of its members are already used to performing tasks – banking, shopping, gaming – through apps.

Solution: Through a partnership with Malauzai Software, the credit union’s 60,000 members who are active Internet banking users will receive the same, “app like” interface and experience, whether they are using apps or the Internet banking functionality through SmartwebApps™. Soon, members will receive a truly consistent experience, regardless of whether they are transacting on a laptop, tablet or smartphone and the functionality they increasingly prefer. The popularity of the credit union’s own mobile functionality has soared; it currently has 11,000 members participating in mobile banking.

Once deployed what the credit union considers an alternative to traditional Internet banking, they expect to see the same rise in members adopting the new Internet banking offering, since the number of registered mobile users continues to grow daily. In addition to the member benefits, the management of just one platform will save the credit union in resources and fees.

Lisa Simpson, COO of Air Academy, said, “We’ve seen a trend of more people adopting mobile technology, and we want to give our members the look and feel of an app on their desktops, as people do still use online banking. We are fanatics of the user experience.”

Air Academy’s approach to Internet banking will allow its members who are not as comfortable with mobile banking to grow accustomed to the new technology. “SmartwebApps has the same look and feel of our mobile app, so those that use mobile will love it and those that don’t, will get the benefits of a mobile experience, just on a desktop”, said Simpson.  The credit union has created a series of educational videos, designed to assist members. Air Academy is committed to ensuring there are not points where members get stuck in operating mobile or Internet banking. Additionally, Air Academy takes measures to guarantee employees are equipped with the same comprehensive educational experience provided for its members; they will be fully trained to demonstrate the new Internet banking experience as well as their current mobile offering equipped with tablets and iPads located at every branch. The credit union encourages all employees to use mobile banking themselves, further supplementing their understanding.

Simpson continued, “If a new technology is available, we’re interested in it. We’re completely willing to be a guinea pig if it means being the first to bring the latest, most innovative services to our members,” Simpson continued. “We are extremely attuned to what members want – typically, by the time they request an upgrade or new service, chances are we already have it in the works. That approach is what sets us apart.”


As the pioneer for using behavioral analytics for preventing banking fraud, Guardian Analytics is pleased to partner with Malauzai to offer FraudMAP® Mobile, the industry’s best behavior-based anomaly detection solution.

With mobile phone owners’ less-than-vigilant behavior, such as connecting to unknown networks, downloading apps, and clicking on SMS messages, criminals have an easy way to take over phones, control applications and steal information. With the phone vulnerable, financial institutions must act now to protect their mobile clients by using a layer of defense that is completely independent of the device itself.

FraudMAP Mobile is fully integrated with the Malauzai mobile platform, and automatically and transparently protects all mobile banking users from the widest array of fraud schemes. And it doesn’t rely on users to install and maintain their own defenses nor disrupt their legitimate mobile banking activity. FraudMAP Mobile can detect the early indicators of a fraud attack such as account compromise, reconnaissance, and fraud setup activity, as well as fraudulent transactions so you can proactively intervene.

Learn more about mobile fraud and how to prevent it with FraudMAP Mobile.

FraudMAP Mobile Product Overview

Mobile threats webinar

Double Edged Sword of Mobile Banking_WP

The Zoo Spotlight


Not only are our customers amazing but our team members are too. Without these monkeys we couldn’t continually delight the financial institutions who partner with us.

Thank you, team, for a job well done!

Kimberly Haley

Vice President of Finance


Joined Malauzai in May 2014

What do you do?

Kimberly is the VP of Finance and Head of HR for Malauzai.

What do you love most about what you do?

My job affords me the ability to get to know our customers as well as all of our employees on a more personal level.  Oh and I get to work at the same place as my husband and many of our family friends, you can’t beat that!

Life before Malauzai

Prior to Malauzai, I was the CFO and VP of Gatti’s Pizza.  I also had my own accounting firm that I happily shut down to join the ZOO!

What is something we might not know about you?

I once danced in the Superbowl Half-Time Show!


Hobbies?  What are those?  LOL  I am a full-time working wife and mom and a die hard LSU fan!  My main hobby is making sure we all stay alive!  🙂

Laura Faye

Director, User Experience Delivery


Joined Malauzai in February 2011

What do you do?

Laura oversees the creation and efficient delivery of on-brand mobile applications to our customers. Her team handles the design and customization needs of individual customers throughout the implementation lifecycle, including graphic design, content configuration, quality assurance, and application submission for new implementations and updates.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love being able to deliver mobile apps that reflect the unique brands of our customers and allows community FIs to complete with bigger players in the market. I also enjoy working with different disciplines among the team, from graphic design to quality assurance. It’s fun to be focused on both creativity and efficiency – it’s never the same day twice!

Life before Malauzai

Prior to Malauzai, I worked in a variety of industries including airlines and association management doing everything from internal branding and communications to conference planning at five-star resorts. I was introduced to graphic design when creating association conference materials, and completed formal training in graphic and web design.

What is something we might not know about you?

In September 2005, while working at Independence Air, I was asked by the airline’s President to coordinate a massive logistical effort to bring 14,000 pounds of donated goods from Washington-Dulles to the Gulf Coast following Hurricane Katrina. From securing volunteer crew members and fuel donations to filing flight plans and security logistics, we successfully flew an Airbus 320 from Dulles to Baton Rouge with truckloads of donations. Once the cargo hold was filled, we even strapped boxes of diapers into seats. This all happened three months before the airline liquidated and ceased operations. It was the most wonderful display of generosity I’ve ever experienced and remains one of my proudest accomplishments to date.


I enjoy traveling with my husband, DIY projects, digital photo restoration, genealogy research, trivia, and fun with friends.

Did You Know?

You can empower consumers to have more control over their budgets, goals, liabilities, and cash flow? Engaging your mobile users by providing the right tools sounds pretty awesome, right? While simultaneously enhancing your brand? We thought so, too.

With PFM you can

  • improve engagement
  • increase satisfaction and retention
  • increase share of wallet and expand your market

Consumers look to FIs for financial guidance and debt prevention. PFM provides the right tool set, helping you present relevant financial solutions.

To hear more, please contact your relationship manager or sales@malauzai.com.

News & Events

News & Events

Our fall events calendar was packed! Our experts attended, and presented at leading conferences across the country. Here are just a few highlights:

CSI Conference in Nashville Thanks to all of our CSI customers for stopping by to chat about our next generation Internet and Mobile Banking solutions.  If you are a CSI customer interested in learning more about expanding your current SmartApp feature set or SmartwebApps, our Internet banking solution, please contact your Relationship Manager or sales@malauzai.com.

BAI Retail Delivery in Las Vegas

BAIImages On the road again. The Malauzai team once again packed up and headed West to showcase our latest product Retail+ for Small Businesses, which was met with great enthusiasm. Our friends at Somerset Trust Company recently selected Malauzai as their small business banking solution.

Additionally, we hosted a session, “Harnessing Technology Trends to Overcome the Digital Divide”, with COO John Gill of Somerset Bank and Trust and Lisa Simpson, COO of  Air Academy Federal Credit Union. The session highlighted important technology trends and their implications for community-based banking organizations.

More than 3,000 financial services leaders attended the conferences and were treated to 60 plus powerful summit sessions covering topics that range from channel optimization to banking transformation.

Jack Henry BEC in Orlando


Our dynamic duo in Orlando had a very successful visit with hundreds of Jack Henry users at the annual Banking Educational Conference and Technology showcase.  The team certainly took note and learned firsthand of the innovative businesses and banking solutions provided by Jack Henry Banking and their technology partners.

As for other successes and interesting tidbits to note:

Wayne County Bank Selects Malauzai to Elevate Customer Experience

Top 5 Least Used Mobile Banking Features


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