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Welcome to Monkey Connect!

Summer 2014 Edition

Welcome to the first edition of Monkey Connect. We intend to make this a regular publication and use it to stay in touch and share mobile banking related news along with the latest Malauzai SmartApp developments. We hope that you find this newsletter beneficial and the resources available of value and interest. Our goal is to always deliver delight so we welcome your thoughts and suggestions for future issues of Monkey Connect.

In this first issue we are featuring information on our newest features, enhancements, team news and support updates. Future issues will highlight best practices, SmartApp tips and tricks and other helpful information to make the most of your Malauzai experience.

Thank you for reading. Begin by clicking through the sections below and enjoy!

Product Management & Marketing

touch screen graph on tablet in hands

The Product Management & Marketing Team is dedicated to defining and publishing the vision of our company and our Cool SmartApps. We manage new feature and enhancement roadmaps, measure and analyze end-user behaviors, and work with development on future planning of SmartApp releases. The team diligently strives to administer SmartApp systems and solutions to delight our customers, while broadening awareness for the company through public relations efforts.

In addition to corporate communications, events and branding, the marketing team is also available to assist you with mobile marketing, adoption and growth/retention programs for your customers/members. We will be hosting a customer webinar in September and will share more information on how we can work together to provide best practices and marketing resources to complement your own efforts.

What’s New With SmartApps?


We couldn’t be more excited about the growth and interest in our consumer SmartApp. Year to date, we have over 215k active monthly users and growing, over $1 billion in money movement activities and 180 live customers with many more in the queue. We continuously strive to lead innovation and produce cool features; including Card Management, Picture Pay, Remote Deposit Capture, SmarText and PIN login to help you stay cool in the financial technology market, while maintaining your competitive edge.

We have been busy updating our product roadmap and soon will be rolling out the 4.0 version of our SmartApps. Below are some enhancements that you can look forward to seeing in the coming months.

In our 4.0 release, users will now have access to:

  • SmartwebApps for the desktop: Our new SmartwebApps replicate a similar app-friendly look and feel on a browser based platform allowing your users to access their mobile banking apps anywhere and at any time.
  • New and improved iPad user interface: The new design takes advantage of the additional screen area available on iOS tablets. The updated user experience allows for a smoother and unified transition between orientations (landscape / portrait).
  • SmartCalendars: With enhanced functionality, the new SmartCalendar will allow your users to select available delivery dates from a calendar view and displays payee specific delivery options in your bill pay features with iPay and Checkfree.
  • Add a Payee with BillPay (iPay): With iPay, your users will now have the ability to add payees within their SmartApp.
  • SmartForms: Collecting data is now easier with our SmartForms feature that allows your financial institution the ability to collect and process information from your customer without ever leaving the app. SmartForms are customizable and can be leveraged for numerous uses, including loan applications and account opening.
  • REBA Reporting Enhancements: REBA reports have been enhanced to allow your financial institution the ability to view check images, statuses of RDC submissions by your end-users, and provide security reporting built through device risk factor analysis.
  • Security enhancements and upgraded reporting: With our new security vendor Trusteer, an IBM company, our retail SmartApps now provide end-users with an additional layer of security by integrating device risk factor analysis, while incorporating additional security reporting.

Talk to your account manager to get more info on the upcoming release, and how to get your apps updated to the latest and greatest.


Did you know that Malauzai also offers a SmartApp for small businesses? We have partnered with Bottomline Technologies a global provider of cloud-based payment, invoice and digital banking solutions for corporations, financial institutions and banks around the world. The Business Mobile SmartApp has been implemented by multiple clients including New Castle, Ind.-based Ameriana Bank. With Business Mobile, commercial account holders have access to features created specifically for businesses, including a full integration with the commercial internet banking platform, the ability to manage accounts across multiple entities, and approve pending payments (ACH, Wire, Tax Payments). The SmartApp employs the high security standards and controls required in a mobile business environment and users are able to customize the parameters of the app through their financial institution, including entitlements and functionalities available to individual employees.

Since launching earlier this year, we have seen tremendous interest from our customers in offering a SmartApp for the unique needs of commercial accounts. Year to date we have over 53 customers contracted with more on the way. If you are interested in learning more about SmartApps for business please contact info@malauzai.com.


We have partnered with Symitar to launch an enterprise mobile SmartApp under the Episys Anywhere brand. Enterprise apps improve the traditional new customer on-boarding process and expands it both inside and outside the branch. Now, a bank employee can use their tablet either in the field or in the branch to sign up new customers. This brings staff from “behind the desk” to get closer to the prospective customer and create a more personal connection inside the bank. With the mobile nature of tablets, banks can also expand their sales prospects outside of the branch and sign up new customers out in the field without the need for the new customer to visit the branch to complete the process. The tablet also lends itself to an enhanced user interface, improving the experience for both employees and customers. Leveraging the tablet’s camera, data entry is streamlined as photos of the customer’s license and other documents automatically populate the necessary fields. The paperless new account opening process is also more efficient, reducing the time it takes to open an account from an hour to as little as 15 minutes.

Product Delivery & Support

The Operations and Implementation team is responsible for successfully delivering Malauzai’s SmartApps to our customers. The team assists with driving project plans internally for customers, as well as for strategic partnerships. Once your SmartApp is live, we offer dedicated customer support to answer questions, comments, or requests to ensure that we continue to deliver delight throughout the process. Take a minute to meet the team!

Meet the Team

Sean Haley

Director, Product Delivery and Support

Joined Malauzai in 2012. Sean is an easy-going guy who enjoys his family, volleyball, and anything that has to do with LSU.

Kati Mendelson

Director, Product Delivery and Support

Joined Malauzai in 2014. Kati has 10 years experience in the financial services software industry. Free time is spent with her family, husband and two children, camping and adventuring in the outdoors.

Andrea Beasley

Senior Manager, Product Delivery

Joined Malauzai in 2012. Andrea is young at heart, loves volleyball, and has tremendous passion for our customers.

Amy Davis

Manager, Product Delivery

Joined Malauzai in 2013. Amy grew up in small-town Louisiana and loves to go home often to visit family there. While in Austin she loves playing baseball with her husband and two sons, Tucker (10) and Sutton (18 months).

Isabelle Uwimana

Manager, Product Delivery

Joined Malauzai in 2014. Isabelle was born and raised in Rwanda, Africa, speaks 7 languages, and enjoys outdoor activities with her husband Al.

Raul Ponce

Manager, Product Delivery

Joined Malauzai in 2014. A native of California but raised in Houston, Raul enjoys the challenges and rewards of being able to help community financial institutions reach the next level.

Chelsie Martinez

Manager, Product Delivery

Joined Malauzai in 2014. Chelsie was born and raised in Southern California. Chelsie loves golfing, and hanging out on the lake in her free time.

Donald Montenegro

Manager, Product Delivery

Joined Malauzai in 2014. Donald has a great attitude, big smile, and financial experience.

Curtis Jackson

Support Analyst

Joined Malauzai in 2014. performs customer support functions. Curtis is a former collegiate basketball player and current awesome dad.

Our Customer Support Program is designed to ensure that customers receive quality support after the completion of their SmartApp implementation. Our goal is to provide a formal process for reporting issues and requests so that we can respond effectively and efficiently. The Customer Support Program includes:

  • Support process
  • Support hours
  • How to request support
  • What to include with your request
  • Support service level agreement & descriptions
  • Escalation process
  • Issue process flow
  • Support questions to submit with your request

Please provide the following information when contacting Support:

  1. Device / Make / Operating System
  2. Steps to produce the issue
  3. Test Account Information
  4. App Version

Don’t forget after your SmartApp has gone live, and you have questions or you need assistance, you can contact the support team via email at support@malauzai.com or via phone at 512-961-5699, option 3.

» Click here to download our Customer Support Program


While we work hard to cover everything during the implementation, we understand that questions may still come up.

» Click here for some answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

Relationship Management

We’re excited to officially announce our Relationship Management Program. The goal of the program is to increase our strategic partnership with you to ensure you are wildly successful with your digital channel.

Relationship Management Program Purpose:

  • Understand your top line strategy and align Malauzai priorities to support you
  • Make recommendations that will ensure the digital channel supports your priorities
  • Regular meeting cadence to ensure you are fully informed on our plans, including product roadmap
  • Be your advocate for new ideas and offerings you want to bring to market

Tanner Mayo, Executive Relationship Manager heads up the Relationship Management Program and is looking forward to working with you. In the coming weeks Tanner will be reaching out to develop a partnership strategy that suits your business needs.

Customer Spotlight

In each issue of Monkey Connect we’ll spotlight a customer doing spectacular things in mobile. It’s innovative community bankers like you who lead the future by listening to consumer demand in order to provide real-life solutions, in real time. Kudos!

Lubbock National Bank (LNB) was looking for a unique mobile banking solution that would give their customers simple access to products and services. They wanted convenient service features like Picture Pay and Account Transaction History to be easily accessed and managed within a single SmartApp. Also, a robust yet simple core integration was critical. After extensive research and talking with multiple SmartApp providers, LNB chose Malauzai to deliver the all-inclusive custom solution they sought. Based on their particular needs and desired look and feel for their brand, Malauzai developed a solution that seamlessly integrated with their core.

Lubbock National Bank’s Mobile Banking SmartApp is loaded with Debit Card Management, Bill Pay, Picture Pay, Remote Deposit Capture, Rewards, Account Overview and Transaction History. To market their SmartApp, LNB went beyond branch and website promotion to get really creative with television ads – check them out below! Additionally, unlike many smaller banks and credit unions that overlook one of the most effective marketing channels, Lubbock National Bank utilizes social media to help get the word out. Not only do they post updates about their SmartApp on their Facebook page but they also share important news around security, fraud prevention, and more.

Since Lubbock National Bank went live in May 2014 they have experienced over a 42% monthly growth rate on overall SmartApp usage and they are extremely pleased with the results. Feedback has been excellent and customers say they really enjoy the robust feature set. Kyle McNeese, Vice President, Information Technology Officer says, “Malauzai gives us a competitive advantage. They are always professional and deliver on their promises. We would definitely recommend them to other financial institutions.”

If you have interest in scheduling a discussion or adding new features to your SmartApp such as Remote Deposit Capture, Picture Pay or Card Management, please contact Tanner Mayo via email at tanner.mayo@malauzai.com or by phone at 512-787-1996.

» Schedule a discussion

The Zoo Spotlight

At Malauzai, we monkeys love to celebrate a job well done. We aim to continually delight our customers through our Malauzai SmartApps and by providing outstanding customer service. In each issue of Monkey Connect, The Zoo Spotlight will feature standout team members who make a significant impact. We hope you will enjoy getting to know our team.

Now please direct your attention to the stage!

Amy Davis

Manager, Product Delivery

Joined Malauzai in April 2013

Amy is responsible for helping customers successfully and painlessly implement their mobile SmartApp. Amy develops project plans for vendors, Malauzai teams, Financial Institutions and Partners.

What do you love most about what you do?

I enjoy surprising customers by delivering something they may have mentioned in passing and didn’t quite expect!

Life before Malauzai

Prior to joining Malauzai, Amy was a college admissions director. Amy communicated with important stakeholders in the heavily regulated field of higher education and managed a team of 35 whose deliverables centered on various start dates and multiple responsibilities.

What is something we might not know about you?

I love to write creative non-fiction and funny social commentary. I wish I had more time to devote to writing.


Traveling and going to the movies.

Tom Dufner

Senior Account Executive

Joined Malauzai in November 2013

Tom is responsible for increasing the number of Financial Institutions that use Malauzai’s SmartApp solutions in the North East.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love to build long lasting relationships with customers.

What is something we might not know about you?

I am one of nine children.

Life before Malauzai.

Prior to joining Malauzai Tom was a top contributor on the sales team of a data processing company, working directly with banks and credit unions nationwide.


Golf, coaching my kids’ sports teams, following all Philadelphia sports!

Jay Howard

Senior Software Engineer

Joined Malauzai in January 2012

Jay maintains and extends Malauzai’s Android app solution. Jay provides feedback on the design of new features, implements those features, and fixes any defects found during development and QA.

What do you love most about what you do?

Malauzai has enabled me to grow technically. I’ve sharpened my skills to become an Android subject matter expert.

Life before Malauzai.

Prior to joining Malauzai I coded Java/J2EE for a financial company whose main product was mobile-managed prepaid debit cards.

What is something we might not know about you?

Before joining Malauzai I had never owned a smartphone. I was still using a five-year-old flip phone.


Fantasy baseball, Longhorn football, strategy board games, and reading.

» Click here to meet the zookeepers

Did You Know?


As a Malauzai customer you have access to REBA, the reporting and analytics engine of Malauzai’s mobile banking solution. REBA stands for Real-Time End-user Behavioral Analytics. The detailed reports highlight how end-users actually utilize the mobile banking SmartApps. REBA tracks success with real-time actionable data to drive ROI and improve user experience and engagements.

  • Over two thousand (2000) individual events are tracked within the mobile banking SmartApp
  • All device platforms are covered including iOS/Apple, Android and iPad
  • Detailed events are aggregated to create REBA reports
  • Summary Data – Point-In-Time (daily, weekly, monthly, year-to-date)
  • Annual Trend (month-by-month for 13 months)

Most Common REBA Reports

  1. Feature usage: Shows usage of all key SmartApp features from contact us through bill pay and capture.
  2. Session usage: Highlights key session information including session duration and frequency.
  3. Money movement: Data on money movements including transfers, bill payments and check deposits.
  4. Device Store/marketplace downloads: Displays the number of SmartApps downloaded from the stores.
  5. End user session report: Displays details of end-user sessions for all mobile banking SmartApp activity.
  6. Feature service report: Highlights the connectivity to the back-end core systems and 3rd party service providers.
  7. Customer sat survey results report: Displays results of the mobile banking surveys offered via the SmartApp.

If you would like to schedule REBA training please contact support@malauzai.com or call (512) 961-5699 X 3.

» Request REBA training today and learn more about your members & customers

News & Events

Malauzai Software Nominated for 2014 Innovative Solutions Awards

We need your votes!

We have been nominated for a BankNews Innovative Solutions Award! Can you help us win?

Please visit the BankNews website and vote for Malauzai’s Mobile Customer On-Boarding in the eBanking (mobile/online) Solution category. Voting ends September 15th. Feel free to share this link — every vote will help!

We are honored to be listed among these innovative companies and it’s all thanks to our awesome clients and partners. Your continued support is much appreciated.

Thank you!

The Malauzai Monkeys

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