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Summer 2015 Edition

We are happy to have new community financial institution customers join our family since the last newsletter. We are delighted to serve you and look forward to our partnership and sharing the many exciting updates we have in store.

In our last issue we announced several cool new features and added functionality such as Touch ID, P2P, and an integrated local rewards program. Since then we’ve also gone live with SmartwearAppsthe Apple Watchbanking app where eight Malauzai customers were first-to-market. Watch our launch story here.  Coming this fall we will kick off our Small Business product geared to support this underserved market. We’ll share more about these exciting updates in this issue. Also, be sure to see what our brand new turnkey Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) marketing campaign is all about.

There’s never a dull moment in the digital banking world! Let’s get started:

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Product Management & Marketing

Product & Marketing

Small Business


As an extension of our consumer offering, this new product has been designed to meet the unique needs of your small business customers. The main purpose of Small Business Banking is to make conducting business an easy and personalized experience. Small business owners can easily move money via unified payments and collections via ACH and Wire as well as synchronize transactions with seamless integration to your accounting software. They can improve productivity with real-time alerts for transactions and approvals. Businesses are also empowered with control over user permissions and customized individual access. And last but not least, they’ll benefit from enhanced security features with additional fraud mitigation features.

If you would like the opportunity to be a BETA for Small Business Banking, please contact Michael Abare at michael.abare@malauzai.com to get started!



On the heels of Apple’s launch of their watch in April, Malauzai and eight customers went live with SmartwearApps our watch banking application.  Upon building version one of the app we already had plans for V2. With version two we’ll go beyond glanceable data and move into transactions. In order to do this, taking pin-based login and security issues into account, we’ll use out-of-bank authentication to send a one-time passcode to access watch banking. Learn more by reading up on Robb’s blog post. If you are interested in joining our other customers in the wearables offering, please contact Tanner Mayo tanner.mayo@malauzai.com.

Touch ID – Forget your password? Who cares, doesn’t get any easier than fingerprint recognition! Another feature that makes checking balance and transaction history that much more convenient for consumers, Touch ID is definitely a cool one. Apple does it so therefore it will be one of those things people expect, especially generations to come. Stay ahead of the game!

Buzz Points – An exciting local rewards program that connects communities, local business and community financial institutions, Buzz Points provides the perfect opportunity for FIs to enhance engagement within the app through relevant marketing offers.

P2P and A2A – The ability to transfer funds to friends and between accounts is convenient, plain and simple. These are definitely features that enable you to keep pace with today’s needs, helping people avoid tomorrow’s problems!

Smart Marketing


Remote Deposit Capture – Turnkey Marketing Campaign

As part of our SmartMarketing solution you can now have access to a completely turnkey Remote Deposit Capture marketing campaign.  Our marketing campaign was designed to help you stay top of mind by keeping consumers and prospects routinely updated and engaged with innovations that make their banking experiences even better.

The campaign offers both branch and digital collateral, such as signage to create awareness as well as web ads, in-app marketing, and social media support.

Remote Deposit Capture is a valuable investment for financial institutions, awarding significant savings per user and every deposit made. Beyond cost savings on the transaction alone, RDC also reduces ATM deposit pickups and branch transportation costs. In fact, it has been reported that banks save over 3.5 Million a year! Reduced processing and clearing costs save over $378,000 a year. RDC drives people to use mobile.  Because RDC creates stickiness within the app, you’re enabled to realize ROI on the entire channel as a whole as opposed to online or in branch. That’s why you want to create awareness around this particular feature.

Additionally, RDC opens up new revenue streams – new clients, larger wallet share with existing clients, and elimination of geographic boundaries to name a few.

To get access to RDC marketing tools, please contact Tara Cuccia, Demand Creation Manager, tara.cuccia@malauzai.com or Tanner Mayo, Relationship Manager, tanner.mayo@malauzai.com.

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Product Delivery & Support

Female Customer Services Agent In Call Centre

Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

big thank you to everyone who participated in our Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey.  Our goal is to delight our customers and to do so we need to continue to build upon what is working and improve in areas of opportunity. The recent customer satisfaction survey focused on all aspects of the business. While the overall results were positive, we still have a lot of work to do. Here is a high-level summary of what you are all saying:


Product Features and Brand Representation were the highest scoring areas across our entire customer base. We’re so happy to hear that we continue to delight you in these areas. On the other hand, many of you feel that our biggest opportunity lies in improving communications, specifically around our product roadmap and upcoming new features. To address this, we have assembled a team to focus on improving communications with all of our customers. You can expect refinements to the overall quality, relevance, and timeliness of our messaging. This will ensure you have the information you need to plan future functionality and better support your customers/members. Stay tuned for further details!

Apple Releasing iOS 9


Later this month, Apple will release iOS9, its newest operating system for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. We have been busy testing both the betas and public releases of iOS9 in our Malauzai Labs, learning about the new features it offers and proactively identifying any potential issues that may affect our applications. At this time, we do not expect any adverse effects on our applications and are looking forward to the new and improved features within this release.

The iOS9 release includes a significant focus on device intelligence – the ability for iOS devices to learn user habits. Users will receive both proactive suggestions when opening Apps as well as usage suggestions within many of the integrated iOS applications such as Mail.  Additionally, Siri has been enhanced to take advantage of contextual awareness, in which responses are based on historical user behavior.  Apple has renamed its Passbook application to “Apple Wallet” as it continues to try become THE digital wallet for its users. On the iPad platform, split screen multi-tasking is a new feature which will allow users to run two apps simultaneously on the same screen.  For example, you could be using FaceTime at the same time you are composing an email message or browsing a website.  Overall, all of the integrated Apple apps have been updated with additional functionality on both the iPhone and iPad.

We expect that the adoption of iOS 9 will be faster than last year’s release of iOS 8.  With iOS8, we experienced an approximate 26% adoption rate after the first week and a 35% adoption rate after the first two weeks of availability across our users.  We believe that some key changes in this release will drive even the traditional laggers to adopt, such as improvements to battery life. It is estimated that the average user will gain an additional hour of usage on a full charge. Furthermore, Apple has made it much easier for users with low available memory to upgrade, through the use of temporarily removal of apps during the upgrade process.

Stay tuned for further communications related to iOS9. As always, please reach out to support@malauzai.com with any questions you have.

Relationship Management

Cropped view of two business executives shaking hands

You are Invited to Attend the Fall Malauzai Customer Webinar

Join the Malauzai team to learn more about the exciting new features in our latest release. We will highlight new functionality such as Person-to-Person payments (P2P), Watch, SmartwebApps, TouchID, Local Rewards, e-Statements, 2-Way Messaging and PicturePay. Plus get a sneak peek of our newest product supporting the micro-to-small business customers/members you may service.

Click here to Register: Customer Webinar – October 8

New Addition to the Customer Relationship Team

Hi I’m Kris Knight, I am very excited to be joining the Malauzai team as our newest Customer Relationship Manager! I will be responsible for making certain our customers are happy, well informed, and up to date on the products they are offering to their customers and members.
I come from over 20 years in the financial world, primarily in the Credit Union space. I have experience in lending, underwriting, mortgages, personal banking and sales. I have seen first hand the needs members and customers have on the front lines of banking, as well as behind the scenes, and feel that I can bring my expertise to our Malauzai customers. I look forward to delighting our customers  and sharing the latest innovative offerings with you to help you further succeed in your mobile and digital strategy.

What’s MOX™?

Have you ever heard us use the term MOX? We love to talk about it. MOX simply means Mobile Only Experience and it is how we describe our design philosophy. Since Malauzai began as a mobile banking company, everything we do is based around mobile sensibilities; it’s what we do.

We believe that mobile delivers the best user experience. We MOX certify all of your designs to meet the highest standards and emphasize simplicity, data-driven and highly personalized experiences across all form-factors (screen sizes). So when you think about the possible screen sizes available to interact with mobile banking from extra small to large and maybe one day- extra large, our one MOX platform supports them all.

So, the next time you hear the term MOX you will know that it’s a simple way of saying channels are converging and Malauzai can deliver to all of them, all on one platform.

Money Movement

P2P and A2A have been hot topics lately. FIs realize these are two exciting features that are extremely relevant in the marketplace. Money movement is common when it comes to consumer banking. The ability to transfer funds to friends and between accounts, no matter where you bank is super convenient. These are must-have features that enable you to keep pace, eliminating banking clutter and instead offer the most practical solutions that are easy to use.

Executive Council


In May we hosted or 2nd annual Executive Council roundup. Our most recent meeting was held at the beautiful Hyatt Lost Pines in the Texas hill country.

We hosted senior leaders representing a cross-mix of our bank and credit union customers. Malauzai senior management and members from the Product, Design and Engineer teams networked and shared a sneak peak of our roadmap and strategic planning with our council members.

We had the pleasure of hearing from Jason Paprocki of Arizona Federal Credit Union and their wildly successful branch transformation program. Jason was quite a hit and the audience enjoyed hearing about the credit unions marketing campaign “My Come Back’ featuring former NFL player Kurt Warner.

Citing the opportunity to network with peers and Malauzai staff as a favorite part of the conference, it was a productive and fun time for everyone. We were delighted to host this group and look forward to continuing to arm community financial institutions to compete and win in the digital space against local competitors and money center banks.

Customer Spotlight


GTFCU, with $556 million in assets and services, “…decided on the Malauzai mobile offering because we needed an innovative mobile banking solution. Malauzai empowers us to provide members with excellent service within the mobile channel and also helps us to attract younger, more tech-savvy members, as well.” – Tommy Seargeant, President & CEO of Greater TEXAS Federal Credit Union

Mobile banking was still relatively new in 2012 with very basic features. Yet, members were consistently requesting a mobile app as well as the ability to use remote deposit capture. Credit union leadership was seeking a vendor that was able to launch a single app with multiple, segmented versions and branding due to their different member types.

Here are a few of the results GTFCU realized in working with Malauzai:

– Average annual active usage growth rate of 25 percent across both Greater TEXAS FCU and Aggieland CU brands

– Remote deposit capture has grown annually by 62 percent with an average savings of over 90 percent per transaction over standard in-branch paper-based deposits

– One of the first credit unions to launch the SmartwearApp mobile banking watch app as part of Apple’s big release

– Able to launch a single SmartApp for both credit union brands that changes appearance based on the user’s login credentials

– Since signing with Malauzai, the credit union has benefited from various media and public relations exposure valued at more than $100k

GTFCU has 69,000 members spanning across 18 Central Texas locations. Read more about this customer’s success story here.

The Zoo Spotlight


Not only are our customers amazing but our team members are too. Without these monkeys we couldn’t continually delight the financial institutions who partner with us.

Thank you, team, for a job well done!

Sean Cornish

Sales Engineer


Joined Malauzai in June 2014

What do you do?

Sean works with our Sales Team to provide product demonstrations and facilitate conversations around new integrations and features requested by prospect FI’s.  Sean also coordinates responding to Requests for Proposal and works with the Product Management and Infrastructure teams to ensure that our Sales Team is adequately supported to sell new functionality.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love to see potential customers’ eyes light up when they see what our apps can do for their end-users.  To hear a bank CEO or CFO say something like “that is the future of banking” or “that looks so much better than what we have today”, really does make me smile.  

Life before Malauzai

Prior to Malauzai, Sean worked as a Project Manager, implementing Internet Banking (ACI Worldwide / S1), Loan Origination software (Teres / CRIF Lending Solutions) and Mortgage Underwriting engine (ARC Systems).  The road to financial software and project management was not a direct one.  Sean’s previous experience includes starting out in the restaurant and catering business before becoming a loan officer for a mortgage company.

What is something we might not know about you?

In April of 2012,  I served on a mission trip to Haiti with Mission of Hope: Haiti.  It was an amazing and impactful trip where we helped build permanent homes for locals that were left homeless following the earthquake in 2010.  We also got to help with a mobile clinic in the smaller villages nearby and played with the kids in the orphanage.  The church I attend, Hill Country Bible Church maintains a fantastic relationship with Mission of Hope: Haiti, and I hope to return soon with another team, perhaps a father/daughter mission trip.  In the meantime, I continue to volunteer with MOH by providing project management for technical and web projects.


When I get some free time, you are likely to find me camping at one of the awesome state parks in the area.  There is a thirst deep down in my heart that only gets filled when I can share a campfire with friends and family, preferably from a campsite on a river or lake.  You can also count on my support for college football, especially the University of Texas Longhorns.  To bring all of my favorite hobbies together, you are sure to find me manning a grill or smoker, cooking up something to share!  And I do still cater from time to time.

Michelle Rich

Office Manager


Joined Malauzai in March 2015

What do you do?

Michelle helps to make sure the office runs smoothly and all of our monkeys are well taken care of.  She works closely with our VP of Finance to support both the finance and HR roles in the office.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love helping people!  From our staff to our customers, nothing makes me happier than helping someone get what they need, solve a problem, or just simply have a better day.

Life before Malauzai

Prior to Malauzai, Michelle worked as the Operations Specialist for GasPedal, a small Austin company that runs a community for social media executives at billion dollar brands.  

What is something we might not know about you?

I once worked the night shift at a bakery as part of the Artisan Bread team.  We handmade hundreds of loaves of bread each night, all from scratch!


I love to bake!  

Kati Mendelson

Director, Delivery and Support


Joined Malauzai in April 2014

What do you do?

Kati works with channel partners, Malauzai project managers and customers to facilitate the implementation of our products. Kati ensures partner programs are functioning in a manner that provides the highest level of customer satisfaction to our financial institution partners.

What do you love most about what you do?

I thrive on the challenge that implementation inevitably brings while building high performance teams and customer relationships. I enjoy delighting customers with a fantastic digital solution that will differentiate them in the marketplace.

Life before Malauzai

Prior to Malauzai, Kati led Implementation and Support Teams with Teres Solutions and the Professional Services Team for the Internet Banking Community Financial segment with S1/ACI.

What is something we might not know about you?

I rode horses competitively for many years and in college rode with the University of Texas Equestrian Team.


Outdoor activities – camping, riding and racing ATV’s, spending family time with my husband and two children.

Yoram Givon

Mobile Application Team Lead


Joined Malauzai in August 2014

What do you do?

Yoram manages the Malauzai application team which consists of both iOS and Android developers.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love working with an amazing team of diverse developers, each with their own unique point of view, cultural background, and personality.

Life before Malauzai

Prior to joining Malauzai, Yoram founded and managed a startup called “Sharpcart”, an app to compare local grocery prices.

What is something we might not know about you?

I am originally from Israel and used to be a semi-professional guitar player.


Playing music.

Chelsie Martinez

Manager, Product Delivery


Joined Malauzai in March 2014

What do you do?

Chelsie is responsible for helping customers successfully and painlessly implement their mobile SmartApp. Chelsie develops project plans for vendors, Malauzai teams, Financial Institutions and Partners.

What do you love most about what you do?

I LOVE working with our customers to ensure their SmartApps represent them perfectly. It is so much fun hearing their reaction when they see the apps for the first time!

Life before Malauzai

Prior to Malauzai, Chelsie worked at an online high school in Boise, Idaho. As Operations Manager Chelsie oversaw day-to-day functions, organized events, managed student data and curriculum systems, as well as provided all reporting to the state.

What is something we might not know about you?

I love the lake, it’s one of my favorite things but I am so afraid of fish.


Sitting by the lake, golfing, hanging out with my niece and nephew, and exploring new spots in Austin. 

Cory Van Loozen

Lead Infrastructure Engineer


Joined Malauzai in January 2013

What do you do?

Cory manages the development/implementation of our back-end infrastructure systems to support existing and new customers. Cory works with Ruby on Rails, Linux, and PostgreSQL databases to support and develop both the services our applications consume and the web admin application fondly known as SAMI.

What do you love most about what you do?

I still love the programming aspect of my job. I love facing a difficult challenge: from using a logical method to reveal where an issue is in the code to determining the best way to accomplish specific functionality, executing a change, and then seeing instant results. I love discovering new things I can do that I never realized with technology that I’ve been working with for some time. Also, mi compañeros de equipo son fantasticos (my teammates are fantastic)!

Life before Malauzai

Cory was a facilities director for a short stint at the YMCA Twin Lakes in Cedar Park, where Juan found and recruited him. Prior to that Cory studied Aerospace Engineering at UT Austin.

What is something we might not know about you?

 I was in the Marine Corps Reserves for 8 years prior to working at Malauzai, and completed Officer Candidate School with initial hopes of being a pilot (obviously didn’t work out).


Soccer, sand volleyball, running, playing the guitar poorly, water related activities.

Summer Intern Project


This summer we had the pleasure of hosting our third year of students from local universities to support our research work. The interns worked as a team to complete the 2015 Mobile Banking App Penetration Report. Their research focused on 7,754 financial institutions in the United States within the asset range of $50MM and $15B, individually. The researchers identified and counted mobile banking apps in the Apple and Google Play stores. The results are fascinating and we can’t wait to share the information in the coming weeks. Good to know that Malauzai customers have some of the best looking and most functional apps among their peers. Thank you to our interns for a great summer and a great project!

Did You Know?

Money movement and payments are growing in the mobile channel. Why? They’re convenient. Clearly, mobile features that enable consumers to do what they need to do resonate. 25% of mobile banking users utilize mobile check deposit and 10-12% of users take pictures of bills to make payments every month. It just makes sense – we’re all looking for ways to save time, slipping in daily responsibilities, errands, or chores in between everything else that makes up our lives.

Here are four ways people move money and make payments in mobile banking:

Mobile Check Deposit

Depositing a check using the camera on your phone or tablet.

Person-to-Person (P2P)

Paying someone via email or text. For example, people use it to pay their half of the rent. Parents use it to send money to kids in school. Friends use it to pay each other back for dinner or a night on the town.

Card Management

Turn debit cards on and off, or set spending and withdrawal limits. This feature is used not only when cards are lost or stolen but people also use it as added security by keeping cards turned off until they need to use them.

Photo Bill Pay

Paying bills using the camera on your phone or tablet. Eliminates the hassle of checkbooks or dealing with the oft times clunky online bill pay experience.

News & Events


Have you visited the new Malauzai.com? We recently launched a newly designed website with lots of great information, product updates and content. We hope you enjoy!

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Citizen’s 1st National Bank Introduces Mobile Remote Deposit Capture with Integration of Malauzai Software SmartApp, Ensenta mRDC, July 2015

Mobile App Rewards Points Create Credit Union Buzz, June 2015

Community Banks and Credit Unions Go Live with Touch ID in Mobile Banking through Malauzai Software, May 2015


Customer Webinar October 8 – Join us as we share our latest product roadmap with demonstrations of new features and enhancements.

MACUMA Annual Conference September 11, Cambridge, MD

CSI 2015 Conference September 30-October 3, Nashville, TN

Jack Henry BEC Conference October 12 – October 15, Orlando, FL

BAI Retail Delivery October 13 – October 15, Las Vegas, NV

Cooperative Credit Union Association Annual Conference October 21, Uncasville, CT

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