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My customers can pay me in real-time. It’s so easy, they love it. I get paid immediately and it’s cheaper than debit or credit cards. I send them an invoice, they go to the app and pay. Takes seconds. It makes a really good impression. And I only pay for the payment, invoicing is free.

Win Your Own App!


Is your payments solution pretty lame? Need a mobile wallet for your business?
Call for entries: Show us what you got video contest

Submit a short video making your case for why you need an app for your business

Contractor, plumber, lawyer, doctor, food truck, artist, church, HOA … whatever your passion, if you take payments, MOX Pay can help!

Enter Now

What is it? What does the app do?

MOX Pay is a mobile wallet for business, an app that lets you take payments from customers, streamlining your business.

Too many checks piling up, too much bounce risk, or does it take too long to get paid? Tired of losing 5% or more of each sale to processing fees?

Get paid faster and cheaper while enhancing your brand. Get MOX Pay.

How to enter

  1. Make your awesome video
  2. Fill out the form below and be sure to include a link to your video
  3. Your video must also be submitted via Twitter or Facebook
  • Tag us on Twitter @MalauzaiMonkeys or Facebook, and provide a link to your video. Be sure to use the hashtag #moxpaychallenge. For example, your tweet might look like: Hey @MalauzaiMonkeys, check out my #moxpaychallenge video! 

We will select two small businesses as the winners. To help you get in touch with your mojo, light your fire, get your groove back, …….. consider these judging criteria while setting out to make your video:

  • Passion for your business & its community/industry at large
  • Must be a small business in growth mode
  • Must desire a better payments solution (have payments issue: i.e. high fees, too manual, too many checks, need better organization)
  • Desire to build/enhance brand and improve customer service
  • Passion for good technology and desire to improve your mobile strategy/better utilize that channel

Business Requirements to Enter

  • Must be a registered business entity
  • Must be a small business (under 25 employees)
  • Must have a website and business logo
  • Must bank at *Horizon Bank if selected as a winner (*or other sponsoring bank or credit union)

Cost/Obligation Details

  • No cost to design/build/implement app
  • No cost for publishing, maintenance, and updates/upgrades for (3) three years
  • Malauzai offers transaction fees at cost
  • Sign MSA
  • No obligation, can walk at any point
  • (3) three years free then after time is up, transaction fees kick in at regular price
  • Videos will be made public
  • Malauzai retains rights to use videos submitted, i.e. for marketing & promotional purposes

Key Dates

  • (1) Video entries must be submitted by August 23rd
  • (2) Shortlist of candidates selected will be announced August 30th
  • (3) The 2 winners will be announced on September 14th
  • (4) One of our project managers will contact you to discuss next steps and get a schedule going.
    • Submission Instructions

      Please copy and paste the following into the message field below and provide a link to your video.

    • First Name:
    • Last Name:
    • Name of Business:
    • Type of Business:
    • How you heard about the challenge:
    • Business Address:
    • Business Website:
    • Have proof of registered business?:
    • Link to video:

    MOX Pay Challenge

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