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SmartApp™ Technology

Single enterprise platform, pre-integrated to core system to deploy, manage, and maintain all applications for all users


Powerful Technology

Malauzai enables you to manage the complexity of supporting the many customer types across your financial institution and SmartApp experiences by leveraging the SAMI platform, a secure and reliable SmartApp Management Infrastructure and SADE, a SmartDevice Application Development Environment.

Cool, Innovative SmartApp™ Technology:


Secure by Design

Incorporates today’s strongest security controls


Application Management

System designed to provide remote device and application management



Powerful real-time reporting and analytics engine, which tracks over 5,000 unique elements


Built for Integration

Deep integration is our core competency allowing for easy and seamless implementation

Powerful Real-Time Technology

Malauzai enables you to manage the complexity of supporting the many customer types across your financial institution and SmartApp experiences. The SAMI platform is a centralized, secure and reliable SmartApp Management Infrastructure that is completely configurable to perform real-time, dynamic updates and make managing multiple channels simple.


SAMI or SmartApp Management Infrastructure is a powerful single platform that enables Malauzai to create, publish and manage the entire MOX™ Everywhere Suite of products and experiences.The framework contains the core design elements used to build our leading-edge, end-user centric products. Designed with intelligence to track user behavior, marketing messages and all activity across channels.

  Single platform to manage all market segments, features and products
  ASP technology based infrastructure
  Core banking and third party integration
  Built-in behavioral analytics
  Full array of security protocols and 100% multi-factor compliant

Everything you need to manage your digital channels in ONE platform

Central Management

Each platform runs a different version of the SmartApp with 90% of the configuration handled and updated centrally across mobile platforms.

Feature Usage

Fully configurable and can use SAMI to perform immediate real-time changes to all or specific segments.


The interfaces to banking core processors, online banking software vendors, bill pay vendors, and social mobilization systems have been designed for easy integration and rapid development.


SAMI incorporates everything needed to successfully launch and manage all channels. Integrated throughout are marketing messages, surveys, and other dynamic content.

End-User Entitlements

Every feature and function can be turned on and off centrally within SAMI across channels, dramatically reducing the need to post new updates to the App Stores™ and Google Play™ .

Content Management

All of the content and information is managed centrally within SAMI across all channels. This simplifies the process of maintaining information, so regardless of the end-user segment or channel, one platform manages it all.

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